I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like Thanksgiving dinner. Not one single person. It’s the one day a year where everyone, including girls way too skinny for their own good, feel required to eat more than they’re comfortable with. It’s great. I wish we could vote and make it a bi-annual event if for no other reason than so I could mix nine foods into one bite without getting judgmental looks more than once a calendar cycle.

I know a lot of people who couldn’t care less about Black Friday. A combination of older men who hate thinking about their wives spending money, rich people and nervous individuals who despise crowds, these conscientious objectors exist and a strong case could be made that they’re actually in the majority. That being said, the people who love Black Friday tend to really, really love Black Friday. For them, Thanksgiving is a mere prelude to the real holiday in which they leave a trail of empty shelves and pepper spray victims.

When the almost universal Thanksgiving like is compared against the sporadic Black Friday obsession, the overall love probably balances out. I don’t feel comfortable saying either one is more popular than the other, which is why I’m turning the question over to you. Which holiday do you like better: Black Friday or Thanksgiving? Let us know your preferences by voting in the poll below…

Which Holiday Do You Prefer?

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