Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively have ended their five month relationship. Looking at the situation objectively, it’s not altogether shocking. The fling started just a few weeks after Leo ended a five year relationship with Bar Rafaeli. Couple that rebound factor with a twelve year age difference and the emergence of some shady pictures she supposedly took, and the future never looked bright on paper. However, as troubling as some of those broad brush strokes may have been, the details seemed to be just as positive. Inside sources gushed for almost the entirety of their relationship about how happy they were and how infatuated he was with both her cooking and her family.

The split was confirmed to Us Weekly by both Leo and Blake’s publicists, meaning there’s almost no chance this news is simply a rumor gone haywire. Unfortunately, the specifics are not being openly discussed. That silence likely means there wasn’t any one epic event, like a cheating situation, that led to the severance but rather two people who simply decided to go in different directions.

It’s really hard to make a rebound work. All of the ways Lively was different from Rafaeli were likely huge positives at the beginning, but a refreshing change doesn’t always satisfy over the long haul. Pop Blend sends out its well wishes to both Blake and Leo as they once again become fair game. He may be accepting an Academy Award in a few months for his turn as J. Edgar Hoover, and with last year’s near universal praise of her performance in The Town, she seems headed for a new world of dramatic possibilities. Even apart, the future should work out very well for both.

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