Milwaukee, Wisconsin is home to some of the best music festivals, cheese, and Bon Iver day. Sure, Summerfest is the largest music extravaganza in the country right now showcasing over 300 bands, but nothing beats the newly created holiday entitled: Bon Iver Day. On Friday, July 22nd, Bon Iver Day started off its inaugural celebration with a concert at Milwaukee's historic Riverside Theater. Rolling Stone described it as a great way to “kick off (his) tour with (a) magnificent Milwaukee show.” This subsequently made every fan of his music jealous of those lucky thousands who got to see Bon Iver at one of his finest hours.

Starting off the show with an amazing rendition of his latest album, the self-titled Bon Iver, the artist went on to covering a song that no one really expected him too, Bjork’s “Who Is It.” Hailing from her album Medulla the song is something that you wouldn't expect Justin Vernon to play. The song is off of Bjork’s highly experimental album where almost all of the sections recorded are human voices singing in A cappella form. A cappellas aren't only the bastion of high class fraternity brothers at Harvard, but also for crazy experimentation.

Here’s an example of a superb a cappella song:

The Dear Hunter “Battesimo Del Fuoco”

Alright, so what’s the significance of this? Not much, it’s just absolutely amazing to see an ever expanding artist take some real vital chances amongst his work, and covering a song like “Who Is It” is a defiant start to true virtuoso in musicianship. What’s even cooler is that the song fits Vernon’s deep and melodic voice perfectly. While Vernon sung over his beat-boxing trombonist, Reggie Pace’s awesome adaptation of the drum sets, the audience reveled in this rendition.

Since this is the first concert of his tour, it’s hard to know whether this will be just a special surprise cover for his home state or a tradition he’ll bring with him on every stop in the tour. It’ll be exciting to see what others' reactions will be. Check out the original version by Bjork:

Bjork “Who Is It”

Now for Bon Iver’s version:

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