Jon Bon Jovi is looking to expand an innovative charity restaurant he set up in his native New Jersey to serve the needy across the U.S. - because his philanthropic work gives him "more pride" than performing onstage.

The kind-hearted rocker has long been involved with a number of good causes, including a housing project which has re-homed families across the U.S. and helped Louisiana citizens affected by Hurricane Katrina.

He set up the Soul Kitchen initiative after being inspired by a news item on TV about how dining out gave struggling families a real lift.

The project, nicknamed the Robin Hood Restaurant, is linked to a New Jersey soup kitchen, where families can eat for free in return for volunteer work.

Bon Jovi is delighted to see his hard work pay off and hopes to expand the project across the country. He tells Larry King, "Once I perfect it... I'm going to be able to do this with a lot of different people, because it sort of pays for itself.... That gives me more pride than going up on the stage at night, because I know that we are affecting change." (LR&MT/WNVKIN/MT)

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