Every year in Manchester, Tennessee 90,000 festival attendees gather in Great Stage Park to enjoy Bonnaroo. Unlike other music festivals, Bonnaroo is the only place where you can experience, to what I imagine, might have been the closest to what it was like at the famous Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. Who knew the reincarnation of that magical weekend would be out in the middle of Tennessee? During the four day concert, people from all walks of life are locked in a 4 square mile fair ground and set loose to do whatever they please. If you want to get drunk all weekend, have fun. If you want to get as high as a kite for 4 days straight, be our guest. If you want to trip face, well you get the point…

The Bonnaroo culture is unique, because of its urgency to make sure everyone has a great time. Unlike the real world where we’re among timid assholes, at Bonnaroo people talk to each other with dignity and concern, fascinated by what others have to say. Roo’ers like meeting new folks and discussing the lives they lead. It’s an assembly, where a global community of seemingly different people who lead different lives come together as one for a weekend. Patrons walk around Centeroo, where the stages and main festivities are held, and make new friends as they move from show to show. If you don’t have pot, and the person next to you lights up, it’s 100% certain they will offer some. If you are in dire need of water, just ask someone and they will let you drink from their canteen. Even after the party is over, people still go out of their way with random acts of kindness. With my group of friends, we finished all the alcohol we brought. As we were packing up, no more than 5 different groups of people offered us various substances to bring home for free, among those were whiskey, two 24 packs of beer, and a full bottle of Everclear.

Bonnaroo is the most unique festival experience out there, and you wouldn’t truly comprehend the surreal aspects of this place, unless you experienced it for yourself. Chances are you didn’t; so, do the next best thing and browse through my photo album below. Here is the culture of Bonnaroo…

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