When you go to a music festival like Bonnaroo, the staple activity for some is the drugs. It’s undeniable too, because most people want to enhance their musical experience through other means, rather than simply watching a show. Well, some people have caught onto this activity and decided to ruin the party for a select few. Bonnaroo is held in Coffee County, Tennessee, but sheriff's office in neighboring Rutherford County made 17 felony and 51 misdemeanor drug arrests from people traveling through on the way to the festival. With over 80,000 attendees each year traveling through Rutherford, the police there have a made a good business in arresting these helpless festival goers.

Via News Channel 5 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee Captain Jason Mathis from the sheriff's office's Special Enforcement Bureau explains his intentions for arresting these folks: “This festival invites a large amount of illicit narcotics inside our community. We had several complaints they were actually smoking marijuana in the parking lots.” It makes sense that these officers would arrest the people who were selling illegal substances in their county. Yet, with the amount of people who come and bring masses amount of money to their county yearly, you would think that the Sheriff’s office would give these people some slack. Not going to happen...

Over $12,000 worth of illegal drugs were confiscated before the festival even started. The arrests ranged from possession of Mushrooms, cocaine, Marijuana, and even a few DUI’s. The type of people who were arrested is surprising too, like a father and son who were selling cocaine to festival goers, and even a mother and son who had “high quality” cannabis in their possession. Even during the festival, police were giving people trouble as well. Over 300 people were given citations various charges, while 45 people were arrested, which were mostly for domestic violence and drug charges.

Obviously Bonnaroo attracts a lot of drugs. But that’s the whole point of a music festival, really: to create a comfortable/safe environment for the people who are risking their reputation to have a good time, and not get arrested for a virtually innocent act. With a party as large as Bonnaroo, there will always be those who will ruin it.

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