Child beauty pageants are out of control; most people agree, and yet we support shows like Toddlers in Tiaras because of the spectacle or perhaps because people are sick. Either way, the obsession with beauty coupled with parents' living vicariously through their children has never been as prevalent or as identifiable as when Kerry Campbell admitted to giving her eight year old daughter Britney regular botox injections on Good Morning America. Watch the video below if you have not already.

According to a story on TMZ, Child Protective Services in San Francisco were inundated with calls following the Campbell’s appearance on GMA and an investigation was opened. Now, the girl has been taken out of the custody of her mother and will remain in CPS custody while the investigation is carried out.

It will be interesting to see how CPS rules on this case, because while this is certainly sick and disgusting, the child is not technically in any physical danger based on what has been uncovered so far. Obviously it’s up to the experts to tackle this, but there’s a solid chance that a public outcry will play a hand in their custody decision.

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