It would be really easy to hate Brad Pitt, just on sheer spite, but there's something incredibly likeable about him. With an affable charm, almost unfair good looks and a dream job, he's made life look extremely easy for forty-seven years. Apart from a momentary blip in which he betrayed his wife, America's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston, the actor has largely stayed in the public's good graces. Ridiculously baller acts like this help.

Pitt was shooting a scene from his blockbuster World War Z over in the Glasgow, Scotland last night when an extra slipped. The woman was about to be trampled by hundreds of fellow background players dressed as zombies when an arm reached out, placed her back on her feet and kept moving. It was Brad Pitt, mid-scene, pausing just long enough to save the lady from grievous injury before continuing his filming responsibilities as if nothing happened. What kind of badass do you have to be to save a woman's life and then continue with your stage direction?

According to The Scottish Sun, the bewildered and grateful woman thanked Pitt in-between takes, but like a true champion, he went about his business without making a big deal of it. Thus far, the entire shoot has been hampered with numerous minor injuries, but as one source told the paper, most people expected it given they signed up for a chaotic event film.

World War Z should finishing shooting in the next couple months in preparation for a release date sometime next year. Expect Brad Pitt to show up at the premiere, looking awesome with his beautiful wife there to hold his hand. Well played, sir. If everyone was as good at life as you, society would have already solved all of its problems.

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