Us Weekly reports that Bradley Cooper and Olivia Wilde are “definitely hooking up” after the stars got “cozy” during the after-party for Cooper’s new film, The Hangover 2. They went on to say that Wilde had issues sharing Cooper with other females at the party, and all of the usual things one says when it looks like two people are together. Of course, Us Weekly is a tabloid and this story reads just like another bit of unsubstantiated rumor.

Olivia Wilde tweeted about the rumors, writing, “I think Us Weekly has the same sources who promised us WMDs in Iraq.”

Her denial should not be taken as fact either, of course; because this would not be the first time a celebrity has denied the truth about a relationship’s existence. There hasn’t been any rumblings from Cooper’s camp, but a spokesperson for Wilde also maintains that the two are “just friends”. And perhaps they’re right; there’s no rule against flirting with a friend, at least, not in Hollywood.

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