A trip to The Twilight Zone could not prepare you for this story, be warned, it’s nasty. While filming in Bangkok for The Hangover Part 2, director Todd Phillips and his cast decided to visit a local hot spot where, to say the least, girls impress men with their odd “talents.”

During their visit to this club, the cast found a woman who had a “special” talent of shooting ping pong balls out of her vagina. Yea. With acclaimed accuracy and velocity of a gun, Bradley Cooper decided to be the daring one and let this women shot a ping-pong ball near him. Testing his levels of decency, The Hangover star asked Todd Phillips to take a photo of him with the women attempting to shoot one in his mouth. But, her accuracy was better than they thought.

Bradley Cooper explains: “(It went) right in my mouth... (There are) Handi Wipes coming out from everywhere, (co-star) Ed Helms is throwing up... It was memorable.” Though it is disgusting, I salute Cooper for being that daring. Only if we could find that photo…

In case you haven’t experienced the insanity yet, here’s the trailer for The Hangover Part 2, in theaters May 26th:

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