Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus have finally gotten engaged. Despite the fact only a certain percent of the tween/teen population are excited about this, the two have been dating for a while and look pretty cute together. Well, if you can get down with ½ half of a couple rocking face tattoos.

If you don’t know much about the seemingly happy couple, Trace Cyrus is the brother of Miley Cyrus, best known for co-founding the band, Metro Station,that produced the hit “Shake it.” He has since been kicked out. Song is best known for playing London Tipton on the Disney Suite Life programs, but she also appeared in The Social Network. They are a match made in underwhelmingly famous heaven.

According to People, Trace’s family is apparently very pleased about the new developments. Father Billy Ray is yet to speak publicly on the matter, but Miley made her stance more than clear on Twitter…
@TraceCyrus can't wait for Brenda to be a Cyrus. Couldn't be more excited about my 'sister in law to be' yay :).

Disregarding the fact anytime I think about Brenda Song in a relationship I have a vivid image of her lighting her partner’s stuff on fire, I think the two should make a pretty O.K. couple. May they ride out the ups and downs en route to a successful, long-term union.

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