The holidays are typically a time for relaxation, but unfortunately for Bristol Palin, she had to spend a portion of her break in court. A few days ago, the young mother was awarded a temporary restraining order against a thirty-nine-year-old stranger from Texas, and if she has it her way, the legal order barring the dude from coming close to her will be made permanent later this month.

According to TMZ, Michael Cummings sent Bristol an engagement ring and a note saying he loved her. She did not do anything about the correspondence at the time, but after he showed up at her parents home on December 27 for Tripp’s birthday, she decided to be more proactive about the situation and headed to court for the temporary restraining order.

It’s unclear whether there was any real threat to the Cummings situation, but the suspect’s own mother called police to tell them Michael was heading up north to see Bristol. Clearly, she thought there was a possibility things could go south, but beyond merely showing up, nothing else really happened.

Later this month, it’s likely the judge will grant the restraining order because there’s really no reason these two should ever have to see each other. After that, hopefully the legal measure will do its job and these two can go about their lives doing anything that doesn’t involve seeing each other.

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