I knew Britney Spears made bank back in the day---but with her, well, curious monetary habits, I always assumed she didn‘t have much left. Apparently not. A judge has just ordered the Jive singer to up her monthly child support payments from fifteen grand to twenty. That’s more than minimum wage workers make in a year.

According to People Magazine, Spears has also been granted two days of visitation with the tater-tots per week, including an overnighter. Yay for taking an active interest in your children’s lives. The decision ended almost a year and a half of legal disputes between the couple, the bulk of which was over custody of the children.

In other unfortunate financial decisions regarding Miss Spears, the pop star was also ordered to pay two hundred and fifty grand to K-Fed’s lawyer. Ouch. Check back in a few weeks when these two miserable former lovers are arguing in court again over something else.

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