2006 has been a banner year for Britney Spears. For a woman who has been a chart-topper and a show-stopper, she has re-established herself as a marriage-flopper and a pill-popper.

After winning a Grammy, and dominating the charts for years, she chose to get married and start a family. It seemed, as her semi-retirement from the music biz rolled on, that she may have never returned to the spotlight she once owned. However this year she has proven to be as big a star as she ever once was, easily clinching the title of Most Controversial Celebrity of 2006.

‘CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight” bestowed the crown on Brit’s wobbly brow, as she blew away the competition. Even with racist rants by Mel Gibson and Michael Richards, even as Anna Nicole Smith turned her world into the ugliest sideshow, Spears easily proved to be the most fascinating mess of the year.

Britney has always used conflicted sexuality as her grab. As a teen into her 20’s, she portrayed a virginal pop princess, combining Southern semi-Christian morality with enticements visa-vi breathy lipsynching performances, all the while dolled up in either vinyl or a naughty school girl uniform. But now, the angle has changed. Once an unattainable prize, she now seems to be a rest-stop beauty fettered with low self-esteem and no sense of direction in life. Where she used to appear as the girl struggling with burgeoning desire, now she just seems used.

This behavior of hers is actually only a recent development. It was just two months ago that she became a second-time mommy, married to Kevin Federline, who was once in line for Britney’s recently-awarded title, but has since been reduced to an afterthought as Spears speared their wedlock in a text message.

And then...she let it all hang out. Literally. The person we assumed was home with the kids while her man was out tomcatting, the girl who was actually generating some pity as we geometrically grew dubious of her spouse, has left her child-rearing to family and assistants. No, we didn't know where the kids were, but we saw where they came from as Brit left her undies at home with Sean and Sutton/ Jayden and proceeded to bend over and get out of Beemers spread-eagle at a furious pace. Of course the whole time she was losing it, she was dancing with the devil, or at least close to it, as she and Paris “The Enabler” Hilton teetered around Las Vegas hanging all over each other in front of a very thankful paparazzi.

In fact, it's worth mentioning that "The New York Daily News" reported earlier this week that Brit took the tripping stripper bit to new heights, being forcibly removed from the pole at the LA gentlemen’s club ’40 Deuce’. Furthermore, Los Angeles has not proven to be very kind to Spears as she was lustily booed when the Jumbotron at the Staples Center revealed she was in the house. "In Touch Weekly" says she has dealt with her recent unpopularity through projection, apparently ringing up her ex K-Fed to hammer home how she has been getting hammered, and not just by Al Cohol but by producer J. R. Rotem.

All in all, Britney Spears has proven she is not done titillating and tantalizing us just yet. Look forward to some damage control: she's due to give Vanity Fair Vanity Fair an interview soon, in which she'll chronicle how bad her marriage was. However, with what we’ve seen in 2006, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline may have a been a perfect match for each other after all.

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