He must have known signing on for Oliver Stone’s new biopic on George W. Bush would be a little explosive, but this brouhaha most likely surpassed even his wildest assumptions. Noted character actor Josh Brolin was arrested last night after a bar skirmish at the Stray Cat in Shreveport, Louisiana. Several members of the crew, along with actor Stephen Wright, were also picked up by the 5-0 in a two A.M. shakedown. How deliciously Tank Abbott-esque.

According to the Associated Press, Brolin was released shortly after being incarcerated on the whopping bail of three hundred and thirty-four dollars. No one involved has issued a statement yet.

Here’s my best guess as to what may have happened. Keep in mind I don’t have any fancy-dancy “facts” or even “rumors” to back this up. The cast and crew were probably out partying when a local (think anyone involved in The Waterboy) asked what film they were working on. Some not-so-flattering comments were made about our fearless leader George W. Bush and the haymakers began to fly, prompting a 911 call. It could have happened to anyone.

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