When will all the Hogan family drama end? Divorce, manslaughter, sex with people have their age, the four of ‘em are like a walking, talking soap opera. And now we may be able to throw Playboy into the mix. Twenty year old Brooke Hogan has been approached by Hugh Hefner to pose nude in the magazine’s upcoming issue. She’s yet to make up her mind, but we all know not saying no is practically a yes.

According to The New York Daily News, Brooke’s publicist confirmed the offer has been made but has released no other comment at press time. I wonder if she’ll get the cover Mrs. Corey Feldman was denied. You may remember Brooke posed for a few racy bikini pictures in FHM on her eighteenth birthday a few years back.

Note to all within a two mile radius of Brooke’s father: beware the Hulkster’s rage. Calling him an overprotective father would be putting things mildly. The man is obsessed with keeping his daughter safe (an annoying, yet endearing personality trait), and I can’t imagine Playboy was on his life goals for his little girl.

Here’s a little YouTube tribute to the Hulkster because I think he’s a genuinely good guy, and I grew up idolizing the man…

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