Brooke Shields graduated from Princeton University in 1987 and on Monday May 30th addressed students at the schools ‘Princeton Class Day.’ During her speech, Shields recalled her time at the university studying, meeting friends she would have for the rest of her life, and the ‘Nude Olympics,’ she explains: “You survived, through all of the hard work, the fear, the anger, the tears, the fatigue, the joy, the sadness, the feelings of success, the love, the excitement, the fun - and that was all just during Nude Olympics.”

Nude Olympics? It gets crazier than that, because according to WENN, when she was a celebrity student at the university, her grades were published in Life Magazine, and at some point an Enquirer photographer also tried to take pictures of her in the shower. I guess my theory about gossip publishers being sleezballs holds true; even in the 80’s.

Talking about the close friends she made while there, the actress gives sound advice to the class of 2011: “Loyalty is what I always got and loyalty is what you always get. I urge you to surround yourself with good and honest people.”

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