Die Hard star Bruce Willis is awaiting his fourth child, though if he planned the order out decades ago, I doubt he would have seen this coming. It’s been seventeen years since he last created life, but at a spry and healthy fifty-six, he should do just fine.

Willis famously divorced from wife Demi Moore more than a decade ago. He notably enjoyed the single life for awhile but eventually settled down with Emma Heming in 2009. She’s nineteen years his junior, but for Hollywood, that’s far from a ludicrous age gap. There’s no word on exactly when the designer and model is due, but she’s reportedly had a bit of a baby bump in recent photographs.

The exciting news was confirmed by the actor’s publicist to The Daily Mail, and one would imagine it came as a welcome relief to Willis’ ex-wife. She and new husband Ashton Kutcher have been dominating the headlines after his rumored affair, but maybe this pregnancy will alter the types of questions she fields for the next few days. With any other divorced couple, you would assume the other party would likely be bitter, but these two still vacation and hang out with their family together. That would be a big plus for Seinfeld’s Elaine who won’t even consider dating a man who’s bad at breaking up.

Pop Blend sends out its congratulations to both Willis and Heming. They should make for wonderful parents, and the child should bring them closer together.

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