OCTOBER 5 UPDATE : Steve Jobs passed away today at the age of fifty-six. Here's a link to the story.

In yet another gaffe that demonstrates how Twitter and news folk hungry for a scoop don't always mix, CBS news show, What's Trending, incorrectly tweeted that Steve Jobs is dead.

It isn't a new thing to see false celebrity death rumors pop on Twitter. Other dead-but-not-dead stars include Jeff Goldblum and Bill Cosby, but this error is particularly untimely, if not tasteless, given that the Apple CEO recently stepped down from his post, with word being his failing health, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer and a subsequent liver transplant, was to blame.

According to EOnline, the offending tweet was removed from the @WhatsTrending account less than a minute after it went up, but outrage was already spreading across the Twitterverse. And it's plain to see why. The news of Jobs' departure is still fresh in people's minds, and with outlets regurgitating one piece after another about the CEO's revolutionary career, it felt already like they were reporting on the end of Jobs' life.

Meanwhile, we're all glad Mr. Jobs is still alive, and I'm sure the folks at What's Trending regret their little snafu, but it would sure be nice if media folk would stop acting like hyperactive children with bladders full of Koolaid, and report facts after confirming they are, you know, facts. Otherwise, it starts to look like they're wishing for a high profile death just so they'll have something new to talk about. Here in the real world, we call that sort of thing unprofessional. Or just plain tacky.

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