The location of celebrities’ homes and hangouts are major tourist attractions for many visitors to Los Angeles. Linda Welton helps tourists find these hotspots easily, as she sells maps that allow regular people to get a little closer at the rich and famous. But the “Star Maps lady”, as she is known locally, is under fire from the homeowners next to her set up on Sunset and Carolwood Drive. They have called Welton’s business a “highly visible eyesore” that is decreasing their property value, and have filed a lawsuit against her.

CNN reports that the Star Maps business has been in Welton’s family since the 1930s, dishing on the places Hollywood types frequent around the city from the same corner all along. The plaintiff homeowners, Hubert and Roxanne Guez, argue that it is a nuisance to have to deal with the frequent traffic in front of their house caused by Welton’s business.

What the Guez’ fail to mention in their lawsuit is who the last person to rent their house was: Michael Jackson. It is in fact the Los Angeles home where he died. As Welton argues, most people stop by just to find out where Jackson died without even buying a map. The traffic, she says, isn’t because her business is causing a nuisance. It’s that people want to see where so much drama went down in the summer of 2009. It probably doesn’t help that said drama taking place in said house is the subject of a huge court case involving MJ’s doctor right now.

I don’t know what the laws are when it comes to doing business on the streets of Los Angeles like this, but history should be a clear indicator. If Welton and her family are such a well known institution in LA, doing business in that exact spot since the 1930s, it’s hard to accept the Guez’ argument. They likely should have known what they were getting involved in when they purchased the house, regardless of who they rented it out to later on. What this really sounds like is people getting fed up with the curiosity of fans wanting to see the infamous place where Michael Jackson spent his last moments. We will find out what the court has to say about this when the case is heard on October 18.

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