Any of you who hoped the Casey Anthony saga would be over after twelve people bizarrely found the accused murderer innocent should probably not read this next story. Any of you who find the lying, carousing sociopath as interesting as I do should proceed with edge of your seat excitement. Since the end of her highly-rated trail, Casey Anthony has been inundated with offers reportedly ranging from high profile sitdown interviews to a full spread in Hustler. Pun intended. Until now, her lack of acceptance has been widely viewed as a case of waiting out the best option, but apparently, there may be some deeper reason for her lack of commitment.

According to TMZ, Casey Anthony has decided to retreat from the public eye for the next few months in order to seek professional help. The newly-freed mother has supposedly concluded her actions following her daughter's disappearance, ie lying, drinking, entering hot body contests, were signs of lingering mental illness. She'd like to address that, along with emotions tied up in losing her daughter and emotions tied up in her extended prison stay before dealing with the media/ exploiting her fame for monetary gain.

This is both healthy and fiscally irresponsible. While I think Casey Anthony could make serious money at some point down the road, interest will never be higher than it is at this moment. In fact, it's probably dwindled substantially in the past few weeks. That's not to say she shouldn't work on herself. That should obviously take precedence. It just confuses the capitalist inside me.

Fear not though, business majors, during her absence, Anthony's shady lawyer, Jose Baez, will continue to field offers to present to her when she's as close to mentally competent as she's going to get. Fingers crossed for a terrible pop album.

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