According to Page Six, a rumble has broken out between Rosie O’Donnell and her ‘The View’ cast mate Barbara Walters over Donald Trump’s recent media smear campaign against the abrasive television host.

Allegedly, tensions came to a head yesterday morning, as Walters returned from vacation and tried to hug O’Donnell, who rebuffed her and accused Walters of being one of the reasons the media latched onto the story, which consisted of increasingly brutal insults lobbed at O’Donnell, beginning with an appearance by Trump on the ‘Larry King Show’ two weeks ago. What started as a comment from O’Donnell that Trump was a “snake oil salesman” , soon turned into Trump reenacting the moment O’Donnell’s disproportionately hot wife Kelli, introduced her to the family, calling her a “big, fat, pig”. O’Donnell did not comment on Trump’s own disproportionately hot wife, Melania.

While O’Donnell has thus far restrained herself from eating or cutting Trump, it appears that she has finally lashed out at Walters, who claimed she had done her best to put the kibosh on the situation. O’Donnell screamed at the aging newswoman, “You didn’t call me for ten goddamn days, and you didn’t tell me what you were going to say on television!”

Walters maintains a friendship with the two infantile drama queens, and was prompted to issue a statement when Trump insinuated that she regretted hiring O’Donnell. The statement never denied that the conversation between Walters and Trump took place, angering the shrill comedienne. Allegedly, O’Donnell took Walters to task, yelling, “You went all around this and never called [Trump] a liar. You never said ‘Donald is lying’. You never called him a liar. As the elderly Walters attempted to defend herself, O’Donnell cut her off with “Are you looking me in the face and denying you didn't tell him you didn't say this? You're a [bleeping] liar."

Most interesting of all is the lack of denial from both ladies’ publicists. All that Cindi Berger, who reps both personalities, had to say about the situation was “Whatever happened in the hair and makeup room was hardly a squabble. It's business as usual, everyone has moved on."

Using my publicist to humanoid translator, it is revealed that Berger actually said, “Yes, the two women got into a fight in the makeup room. Rosie is kind of a bitch sometimes, and Barbara’s a big fake, but they have little fights like this all time, and come on it’s not really that big of a deal.”

Trump has already issued a letter to O’Donnell detailing the conversation between Walters and himself. It is unknown when the country will stop acting like a 13-year-old girl and start ignoring the pair.

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