Let's face it. Nobody watches the MTV Music Video Awards to see who wins. After all, it's become a silly premise to begin with: awards for best music videos given out by a cable channel that doesn't really show them anymore. No, people tune in to see the bad attitude of the music industry come out and play. Apparently the wild sides decided to stay home this year.

(NOTE: If you're interested in hearing who lost or won, cruise over to CB Music for the update. If you're like me and most of the rest of the world and don't care, read on to find out why we're the majority!)

I myself didn't watch the VMA's. After seeing Michael Jackson kiss Lisa Marie Presley at the 1994 awards I've developed a phobia and been unable to force myself to tune in. Still, everyone around the internet has been declaring that the funniest part of the show was Al Gore saying the words "sexy back". That's pretty sad. (By the way Al, you could learn something from your former boss: something like "I never inhaled" would have been much more endearing). You would think a host like Jack Black could keep things interesting, but apparently his attempt to light the 20 year old "lame farts" of the past VMA's didn't produce any sparks.

Were they all too drunk to think up anything truly scandalous? According to the NY Post's Page Six, there was so much alcohol flowing at the pre-show parties that "it's amazing anyone showed up clear-eyed". Nah. Celebrities do are at their most embarassing best when under the influence.

You could argue that MTV has taken a note from the FCC and toned down their show to avoid fines...except that MTV is on cable and therefore doesn't have to worry about that sort of thing. So, that can't be it.

Honestly, I'd say it's a matter of no one caring anymore. According to The Washington Post, viewership of the show has gone downhill in the last few years, probably due to the fact that fewer people watch the actual videos and could care less who wins. Teens and twenty-somethings probably only tune in to see the scandalous behavior, but the stars don't seem up to the challenge anymore. They know nobody's really watching anymore so there's less free publicity. Besides, how are you going to out-do Madonna kissing Britney Spears on stage? An even better question: who would be brave (read: stupid) enough to try.

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