A little more than ten years ago, Sookie Stackhouse first appeared as the narrator and protagonist of a Charlaine Harris book called Dead Until Dark. After pretty solid sales, she returned a year later in Living Dead In Dallas. Then another book followed and then another until a new yearly entry in her Southern Vampire Mysteries was an expected, regular and high-selling guarantee. In the fall of 2008, writer/ producer Alan Ball adapted the series into the HBO phenomenon True Blood, and since, the Charlaine Harris novels have exploded in popularity. In theory, they could have gone on forever, but the author announced a definitive end date earlier this week.

Speaking to Popcorn Biz, Harris said she's committed to writing a thirteenth book but has already made plans to give Sookie and her vampiric friends definitive closure. Whether that means she'll be killed off or an apocalyptic showdown between humans and the undead will occur is all speculation at this point, but don't expect her to change her mind. Charlaine Harris was very clear on that in the interview.
“I don't go back to things once I've finished them. That's kind of what I do. I don't want to write Sookie after I get stale. Yeah, I'll miss them, I'm sure, because I have lived with them for quite a long time - 12 years now. And it did take two years to sell the first book. But I think writers like to do different things. At least this writer does.”

I don't think anyone can begrudge Harris for wanting to work on something new, but no doubt fans will still be disappointed. Luckily for them, they now have True Blood to fall back on. As for the author's future, she's currently putting together plans for a graphic novel called Cemetery Girl. It follows a mysterious woman who wakes up in a graveyard without any memory of why she might be there. An impending sense of dread follows her everywhere, and she sets out to try and solve the riddle of her own life.

There's no planned release date for Cemetery Girl, but when that information becomes available, we'll be sure to pass it along.

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