The tiger blood has lost its flavor for Charlie Sheen, who sat down with Matt Lauer for an interview that will air on the Today Show this Friday. He refrained from saying he'd change everything that happened, but admitted he would "amend" some of it.

He was also a little vague regarding his current state of sobriety ("I don't keep track of the time"), but kept the crazy talk to a minimum, comparing the media circus from earlier this year to "being shot out of a cannon into another cannon and then being just shot out of that one." That seems apt.

For those with very short memories, Sheen became a pop culture sensation this spring after a series of erratic media appearances following his ouster from his hit show Two and a Half Men. Turns of phrase such as "Tiger Blood," and "Duh, winning," became a permenant part of the modern lexicon and launched Sheen into a whole new bizarre career that included a road tour, an internet reality show, and finally, a Comedy Central Roast last weekend.

Now that Sheen seems to have gained perspective on some of his own absurdity, he's focusing on developing a new sitcom called Anger Management and making amends with his ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Muller. Maybe staying in contact with his kids and not going broke are big enough motivators to act normal for a bit. But I wouldn't count on him to remain out of the spotlight for too long. His unpredictability and attention-seeking behavior are all part of his Adonis DNA.

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