Martin Sheen is the kind of guy that’s going to tell reporters what he actually thinks when they ask him a question. Writers love that kind of guy because he actually gives them something to write about. So when the patriarch of the Sheen family commented on his son’s addiction problems when they first became public knowledge, people listened. Now that he has had some time to cool off, his number one focus is getting Charlie Sheen into rehab and off the hard stuff. He tells Britain’s OK! TV that,
"He's doing very well, thank God. At the mention of his name, in any circumstances, (I ask) for people to pray for him, lift him up, because he's got a real chance. That's the best thing we can do for him right now, to lift him up, to pray for him."
Charlie Sheen just finished up his Torpedo of Truth Tour which took him across the United States and Canada, taking a page out of Conan’s book. Conan was able to do this to promote the debut of his self-titled show on TBS, Charlie Sheen has no such opportunities available. At this point it has become clear that he will not be returning to Two And A Half Men because of his arrogance and lack of real desire to do so. It’s obviously Martin Sheen’s hope that his son can recover from his downward spiral, because he’s got to be tired of taking questions about this by now.

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