Charlie Sheen is not exactly a sympathetic figure. It’s hard to feel for a guy that makes an obscene amount of money playing himself on a mediocre sitcom on a mediocre television network. Ever since the Sheen debacle with Two And A Half Men producer Chuck Lorre led to the show being halted, and ultimately, to Sheen being canned, there has been this notion from Sheen’s camp that the show’s season’s demise was wrongly attributed to the eccentric actor. So Charlie did what everyone else in the modern world does when they don’t get their way, he filed a lawsuit.

Unfortunately for Sheen, things are not looking terribly keen for him as his request to a trial was denied and the proceedings will head to arbitration instead according to WENN. This is bad news for the actor because arbitration will take him and the suits at Warner Bros., who were “gratified with the judge’s decision”, in front of one or two arbitrators. That’s right, two level-headed, ‘fair’ men or women -- and not twelve 2.5 Men fans. That doesn’t mean Sheen won’t get any money out of the arbitration hearings, but he’ll have a much harder time pleading his case to these people than he would have to a jury.

Who knows though? Perhaps the arbitrators will feel some semblance of sadness or pity for the coke-snorting, porn-star-banging phenom; but something deep inside my soul tells me otherwise. Or, perhaps I’m just hungry. Either way, it looks like Warner Bros. has won this round, and it’s up to Ashton Kutcher (Sheen’s replacement) to help them win the war. Don’t worry Charlie, you can always kickstart Major League 4, right?

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