General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios has a pretty interactive website for kids. I’m not sure there are many children who would want to play Cheerios games over sites like Poptropica or even Cool Math, but in any event, those kids who did head over to the “Honey Defender” Cheerios game site yesterday endured a little filth.

There’s a feature on the front page of the Cheerios site called “Hot Comic of the Week.” On the page, kids are able to create their own comics and post them to the site. It’s a great branding idea to get kids to make something creative using a company’s icon; however, it looks like some website patron believed it would be hilarious to write a comic about some honey bee sex. After posting, the item hit the "Hot Comic of the Week" page, likely to Cheerios' headquarters horror. According to TMZ, there were no safeguards on the particular game and it showed up on the site for anyone who happened across it to see.

After much hullabaloo and scrambling to fix the issue, yesterday, a representative for Cheerios spoke out about the incident.
"Normally, our games where we allow viewers to spell out things themselves have safeguards that tell children they can’t type stuff like that in. Let’s just say this is no longer going to be the 'Hot Comic of the Week' much longer!”

Today, it looks like the “Honey Defender” site is down, likely due to the company doing a little ‘defending’ of its own safeguards.

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