Is there anything we like to see more in America than hypocrites tarred and feathered on television? Knocking lofty people off pedestals is one thing, but if the person was judgmental during his or her time at the top, the public seems to relish the downfall even more. To Catch A Predator host Chris Hansen is one of those judgmental people at the top. Agree with his causes or not, he makes a living off of exposing the seedier elements of society, but if you’re willing to believe The National Enquirer, he must may have just been exposed himself.

The tabloid is currently claiming to have photographic evidence of the married fifty-two year old sharing a romantic dinner with NBC news anchor Kristyn Caddell, as well as heading back to her place for a sleepover. Sources close to Hansen have already denied the story to The New York Post, but it’s still gaining a lot of traction on the internet. What was he doing spending the night at some woman’s house? Was shadiness afoot? The truth is we don’t know. The Enquirer doesn’t have a sex tape; it doesn’t even have pictures of the pair kissing. This whole thing could be totally innocent. Then again, it could also be one of the great hypocritical, a-ha moments in recent memory.

Honestly, my main issue here isn’t even whether the story is true or not. I hope he wasn’t cheating on his wife, but a lot of assholes do. He’d hardly be the first. What I really care about is whether his time on To Catch A Predator warrants his being followed around all the time. Does his hosting of a sensationalist show justify muckracking until something is discovered? I think it does. I think if you point the finger at someone else, you need to be prepared to be watched like a hawk. Cheating on your wife is never good policy, but it's a whole lot different than chatting up twelve year olds in shady internet chat rooms. What do you think? Did he give up his right to privacy? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think…

Should Chris Hansen Be Followed Because Of To Catch A Predator?

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