What is it with the urge to propose around the holiday season? Wynonna Judd said yes to a dude named Cactus. Michael Jordan popped the question to his hot Cuban girlfriend, and now that loveable Irish guy from Bridesmaids is preparing to walk down the aisle. Were it not for Russell Brand and Katy Perry, I’d wonder if Cupid had highjacked Santa’s sleigh.

The Irish dude in question is Chris O’Dowd, and he’s likely on his way to becoming a star. Well-known in Europe thanks to his role in The IT Crowd, the comedian also appeared in Pirate Radio, has filmed scenes for Judd Apatow’s next movie This Is Forty and is writing and producing an upcoming series for NBC. All that’s taken a back seat since the day after Christmas though when O’Dowd proposed to his girlfriend, tv presenter Dawn Porter. Here’s what he had to say about it on Twitter
I'm so bored of all this happiness and sex. I'm getting married. #engaged

Not to be outdone by her future husband, Porter joined the Twitter snark party shortly thereafter…
I guess he liked it, coz he put a ring on it #engaged

I don’t know either of these people personally, but I’m extremely confident they get along great. To celebrate, I’ve decided to follow both of them on Twitter.

As for the specifics, sadly, they are lacking. One hundred and forty characters doesn’t give you much leg room in the way of details, and unfortunately, neither O’Dowd nor Porter are famous enough to be asked about it incessantly. Expect a wedding date to be announced at some point in the future, and the big day to be populated with a ton of famous and happy faces.

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