The Dark Knight lead and possible greatest actor of our generation Christian Bale was arrested Monday after his sixty-one year old mother and forty year old sister charged him with assault. Does anyone know if a sketchy throwback gypsy placed a curse upon this goddamn movie? First, the special effects coordinator dies; then Heath Ledger accidentally overdoses at twenty-eight; and now Christian Bale is being questioned for assaulting his own mother. Hell, fire and brimstone: the cinematic world is on the edge.

According to The Sun, the Welshman will likely be questioned by police more today. Details are still extremely fuzzy on what exactly happened, as the tabloid simply categorized Bale as having “lashed out.” A decision was made by the local cops to let the actor attend The Dark Knight premiere Monday night, with an anonymous source commenting, ““It was a very difficult situation but it would have been wrong to have wrecked the premiere over a complaint which we don’t yet know is founded in truth.”

Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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