As you have most likely heard, the oft-pregnant pop queen Britney Spears has filed for divorce from stubbly hubby Kevin Federline. Federline, who has easily become the Snively Whiplash of the pop-music scene, reduced Britney to a hitless, baby machine while putting out the thuddliest dud of an album in recent memory.

Ever since the two got married, the media has had a field day speculating on the eventual divorce, and now that it’s upon us, we gossip-slingers are salivating at the extra-special lowdown throwdown between K-Fed and B-Spears-Fed. Yes, we're drooling at every tiidbit of the tiff, from Britney texting the divorce filing to Kevin, while he was giving an interview no less, to the custody battle, to, of course, the tape. The tape.

Word has had that Kevin planned to sell a tape of himself and his wife engaging in four hours of sexual activity, reportedly for as much as $100 million. This megaslap by Federline at Spears was then reported countered by Britney offering to release it for free, in order to squash any chance of her spouse getting a penny for the vid. But now, as reported by ‘The Associated Press’, Federline’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan has issued a statement denying the tape ever existed. Kaplan said: “While this is endemic of countless false and inaccurate stories that have made their way into the media regarding Kevin, his marriage to Britney, and the divorce proceedings which they are presently going through, I want to put this issue to rest once and for all…There is not a sex video of Kevin and Britney in existence.”

Of course, this remains to be seen, or not seen. But what has been seen this past weekend is Spears partying hard in Las Vegas. She’s been sighted by ‘’ in a short, tight black dress, running around gambling, chilling out with ‘Saved By The Bell’ star, career-saved by ‘Dancing With the Stars” Mario Lopez and the epitome of Celebrity Stink, hotel heiress and Federline-esque singer Paris Hilton.

TMZ reports that Britney and Paris were getting jiggy at LV nightspot Tryst, where Spears was seen getting "down and dirty to several of Paris' songs". Spears then decided to class it up by doing a striptease for Hilton, taking off her pants and dancing around the club wearing just a pair of fishnet stockings and a tight white satin shirt.

A source also reported to ‘Perez Hilton’: "Britney took off her pants. She had these really sexy stockings on underneath. A waitress gave her a skirt so she could have more fun dancing…The girls didn't pay any attention to the men who tried to approach them. They were having the best time." The source added: "Britney has known Paris for years. The pair reconnected in Vegas now Britney has split from Kevin ... Britney and Paris have a lot in common. They can both understand the pressures of the media and they don't need or want anything out of each other than friendship and having fun."

With Spears seeking sole custody of her children, and Federline dropping off the radar, she might consider staving off her being seen stripping for Paris Hilton in public until after the her divorce has been settled. Now there’s a clever girl.

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