Adam Duritz might tell you the best way to get laid is to lay bare your heart using a few chords and emotionally tinged lyrics. It sounds like sugarcoating, but Adam Duritz seems to be a pretty genuine guy, and if he told you that, I’m sure he would mean it. If you haven’t heard the 1993 album that made the Crows famous and enabled Duritz to sleep with Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, you should pick it up, right now. It’s a markedly cultural icon of the nineties, as well as a beautiful album. While you are at it, just go ahead and buy the live version when it hits Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD on August 30.

The live performance of August and Everything After was recorded in 2007, during a concert at Town Hall in New York City. That’s a hell of a long span of time to wait between an initial record and a live video performance, but it should be worth it. The concert marks the first time a Counting Crows performance will be available in high definition. This isn’t to say there aren’t countless bootlegs available. In fact, the band itself encourages not-for-profit trading of their performances, and even categorizes the stuff available on its site by era.

Yes, The Counting Crows are still a band. Last summer, they toured with Augustana and others on a crazy “Traveling Circus and Medicine Show” tour where members of all bands played each other’s music together onstage. If anything, the Counting Crows have proved in its impressive two-decade run, the incredible capacity to devote themselves to something they love. If that doesn’t come across in the August and Everything After live recording, I’d argue it’s the only way the recording could fail.

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