I’m not sure how many press releases/ official statements/ rambling blog posts I read a day, but it’s probably more than I’m comfortable admitting to. Normally, they’re superficial and inconsequential, but occasionally, one slips out without publicist interference or the slightest bit of spin control. Those explosive fireballs make all the other hum-drum, goody goody ones worth it.

The former Mrs. Cobain Courtney Love got a little drunk or frisky or high or foolish this morning and took to the blog, publishing a rambling, borderline incoherent confession about multiple personalities and shopping baskets. Here it is in all its nonsensical, poorly spelled glory:
“just want to hank allyou supportive lovely people and thank you for putting up with my kookoo bananas alter ego should; we give her a name? shoudl we give my alter ego a name? hmnmmmm Cherry! "Cherry kookoo" so if /when im overcome and blog again wich i wont do i took a picture of a friend looking at me rather sternly to remind me not to- well know it was Cherry Kookoo, but i think I've killed her off. back to my shopping basket! Your support means the world to me i read every comment! rock on”

This is the part of the article where I’d normally make a few snide comments about the whole situation, but this hogwash is absurd enough to lampoon itself.

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