You heard it here folks: According to WENN, Courtney Love, the former front woman of the girl-grunge group, Hole, and widow of Kurt Cobain, is doling out relationship advice. Love is sending her long distance dedications to Lady Gaga, arguably one of the biggest pop stars with a lonely heart.

Stardom only gets you so much, and as movies like Notting Hill have taught us commoners, love only gets harder when you’re famous. The Lady has recently broken up with her boyfriend Luc Carl and hasn’t had the time in her busy, starry life to find a rebound. How like real life.

Enter Courtney Love, the goddess of relationships, to diagnose Gaga’s heart aches. What she comes up and discusses with, may offend some readers. Love apparently blames Gaga’s entourage of gay stylists who have turned her into a “weird, sexless Barbie doll.” Love adds,” but she doesn't seem to have any female friends. Or any straight guy friends for that matter.” She does know not everyone in society follows grunge code of behavior, right? Love does back track a bit to save face: “I was raised by gay guys myself, and I turned out all right in the end.”

Love’s ultimate fear for Lady Gaga is that she will end up alone. “But you know, you can only pull off this meat-dress act for so long. If she doesn't watch out she'll turn into a lonely drag queen. Straight guys just aren't in to that kind of thing.” Maybe it’s a generational thing?

Or perhaps Lady Gaga is looking for a Tim Curry or Eddie Izzard type, one equally ready as she is to play dress up and gender bend the day away. I imagine a kind of Jenna and Paul relationship from 30 Rock. You know the “gender dysmorphic bi-genitalia pansexual” kind. Preferably, with a Lady Gaga male impersonator. With two Lady Gagas on the planet, the world will end whenever the dude who sets the rapture timeline moves it again.

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