Dame Judi Dench and a slew of other celebrities are voicing their support of a new ruling in the European Union that would ban animal testing by 2013.

Dame Judi said, "Using animals to test cosmetics is cruel and should be stopped. These days there are other means of testing which do not involve animal suffering. I totally support a sales ban and urge E.U. politicians to keep their promise to help stop this practice by 2013." Other celebrities joining the cause include Ricky Gervais, Melanie Chisholm, and Sir Paul McCartney’s daughter Mary. Their support is crucial in gaining public support, as the measure could be delayed for an additional decade. But as we all know that in bureaucracy, a decade could easily become a lifetime.

Mary McCartney made her own statement: "Subjecting animals to pain and suffering just so that we can produce a new shade of lipstick or eye-shadow is simply cruel and unnecessary in this day and age. E.U. politicians promised to ban the sale of cruelly-tested cosmetics by 2013 and I sincerely believe they should honour that ethical pledge." Her father Paul,is a staunch animal rights activist himself and her mom, the late Linda McCartney, was one of the first developers of vegetarian frozen foods. Good to see she's taken up the family's cause.

No word yet if the cause is going to travel stateside or if we're still in a cold, careless isolation mode when it comes to our furry friends. Pucker up lab rats and guinea pigs.

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