I am a firm believer that no problem is ever beyond hope. Time, effort, energy and monetary resources can solve anything, but depending on the magnitude of the condition, sometimes that fixing can take time. Apparently, no one has ever told Daniel Baldwin that because barely a month after accusing his wife of threatening to murder him, breaking furniture and abusing drugs and alcohol, he’s decided to give it another go.

Look: I hate divorce just as much as the next dude. Whether the splitting couple is a pair I know in real life, celebrities I trick myself into thinking I know or fictional characters I watch on television, separations, particularly after a long period of marriage, always make me feel like the American Dream is being attacked in my stomach. I don’t like it, but sometimes you can’t snap your fingers, promise to work harder and make everything okay. I mean for the love of God, Joanne Baldwin reportedly watched a documentary special on wives who murder their husbands and then told Daniel, “Now I know how I’m going to do it.” It takes years of therapy for someone to pull themselves out of a hole like that.

Apparently, Daniel is confident in Joanne’s climbing skills though. TMZ is reporting the actor filed a motion in court today asking a judge to lift the restraining order he took out against his wife. He also withdrew his divorce petition in his pursuit to mend the marriage.

I really hope these two make it work, but I would not be shocked to see them in court again by the end of the year.

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