At what point does someone realize their partner is crazy? How many times do they need to be threatened ‘jokingly’ before it’s taken seriously? And what does said person do about it? File for divorce? Take the kids and run into a massive hedge maze while being chased by the person you got married to? Okay, okay, so perhaps the best relationship advice is not taken from The Shining, and it’s a situation most will never have to deal with, thankfully. Unfortunately for Daniel Baldwin, he was not so lucky in the marriage department.

TMZ broke the news that the Baldwin brother filed for divorce, nabbed a restraining order, and won custody of the two kids in the wake of his wife’s insanity. In a declaration just released, Daniel says his wife, Joanne, came into his bedroom after watching a documentary on wives who killed their husbands, saying, “Now I know how to do it, I understand why they did it. You have been warned." The couple’s daughter overheard the comment and asked, "Is Mommy going to kill us?" Adorable.

Daniel also made note of Joanne’s severe drinking problem and the violent rampages she frequently went on, breaking furniture and attacking him with her fists, and a cell phone. So yeah, she’s pretty much bat-shit-crazy. Let this be a lesson to everyone, there are several traits partners tolerate because of love, attraction, whatever; craziness should not be one of them. Even just a little bit of crazy should be taken note of and magnified; because no one wants to be chased around an empty hotel with an axe.

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