It’s been a crazy few months for Jennifer Lopez. The pop star separated from her husband and the father of her children Marc Anthony, and then the press had a field day with rumors that the split may have stemmed from a possible affair he had with Jada Pinkett Smith. Those wild accusations were never proven, but regardless of what happened, she ended up a single woman. Now her dating choices are fodder for gossip, and the current rumor going around is that she’s getting involved with Hangover star Bradley Cooper.

News of a first date broke last month when the pair were spotted having dinner at New York’s Per Se restaurant. Witnesses called the encounter quiet and romantic, but when nothing seemed to come of the night, media reports wrote it off as simply a dinner. Well, according to TMZ, she was spotted in Cooper’s car yesterday, and sources close to the potential couple have said they’re “casually dating”.

Over the past few years, Bradley Cooper has earned the reputation in Hollywood as a bit of a ladies’ man. Rumors have placed him with everyone from Denise Richards to Jennifer Aniston, but apart from a brief marriage to Jennifer Esposito, he’s never really made a serious commitment. Maybe he’s just the type of guy Jennifer Lopez needs to get over her long-term relationship. Then again, maybe this is a sign she’s headed down a poor road. What do you think? Is Bradley Cooper a good idea for Jennifer Lopez? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Is Dating Bradley Cooper A Good Idea For JLo?

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