Yesterday, we found out Jessica Lange and her longtime husband Sam Shepard separated two years ago. Today, news has leaked out that Debra Messing and her husband of more than ten years Daniel Zelman broke-up almost a year ago. I’m not sure if that makes this a bad week for marriages or a good week for the power of secret keeping skills, but either way, it makes me sad. It’s one thing when impulsive Hollywood marriages with little invested on either side go south, it’s another for strong, seemingly devoted unions to fail.

Messing and Zelman met while they were both students at NYU. Marriage followed in 2000 and a son a few years later. Luckily, at least for seven-year-old Roman’s sake, the split seems to be one of the most amiable I have ever seen. According to US Weekly. the two are still living together in order to raise their boy as a family. In fact, they’re still reportedly hanging out too. Messing and Zelman were recently seen having fun together at Bette Middler’s Halloween party. I’m not sure how that works for the two emotionally, but harmony is always better than bitterness when children are involved.

In 1996, Messing famously guest starred on Seinfeld, playing Beth Lookner, a married woman Jerry desperately hoped would divorce so he could swoop in. It’s always been one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes of all-time, but today, it seems a little bit sadder.

Pop Blend sends out its well-wishes to both Messing and Zelman as they try to pick up the pieces. Here’s to hoping the good will continues.

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