Former Disney star Demi Lovato has been trying to move forward with her life after completing rehab last year, but apparently, the nineteen year old is looking toward her past to help accomplish that task. She’s reportedly hanging out with former fling Wilder Valderrama again. The two were spotted out and about frequently after she split with Joe Jonas, but it all ended shortly before the actress and singer took a break from fame to battle her bipolar disorder and eating-related issues. She’s told all willing to listen she’s a changed woman. Her behavior over the past year has seemed to validate her assertion. Hopefully, this rekindled relationship continues the upward trajectory.

According to People, neither Lovato nor Valderrama was willing to comment on whether or not they’re officially dating, but the pair was spotted kissing earlier this week in Los Angeles. At thirty-one, he violates the half her age plus seven rule, but it’s not exactly like these two are running toward the alter, which is a good thing. We’ve had enough rushed celebrity marriages lately. Sometimes slow is better.

If this relationship is on, Pop Blend sends out its well-wishes, but regardless and more importantly, Pop Blend wishes Demi the best in her long-term recovery. She seems a more energized and happy person, and that’s the whole point of life anyway.

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