A little more than two months ago, musician Sean Kingston almost died jet-skiing. Propelled by a strong tide and beset by not knowing the area, he mistakenly drove into a bridge, breaking his jaw, shattering his wrist and putting a hole in his lung. He was fed through a tube for days and just when he seemed to be on the mend, his aorta tore, requiring two separate open heart surgeries. For most people, an ordeal like this would be enough to keep them out of the water, but Sean Kingston is a man and like most men, he's willing to risk subsequent harm to prove a point.

Speaking to MTV, Kingston said he's definitely going to take the jet skis out again. “I have to overcome my fear. It wasn't the jet ski, it was not knowing the area.” You hear that fear? You done got owned.

It's one thing for a daredevil like Evel Knievel to get back on the bike after a traumatizing crash; it's quite another for someone to continue with a hobby that almost killed them. That being said, I'm also a man. Thus, I approve of this goofy decision making. You can't let Poseidon get the best of you. He might crash your vehicle against a bride and force you to eat through a straw, but he hasn't won until he's taken away your dignity. Ride on, Sean Kingston. Victory is going to feel pretty damn good.

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