A terrified Danny Devito feared he was staring death in the face when he came across a killer scorpion in his bedroom during a recent vacation in Costa Rica.

The pint-sized Twins star was warned about one particular poisonous stinger before his trip - and couldn't believe it when he found the creature scuttling across his floor. He says, "They say these things (scorpions) will get into your clothes, you gotta check your boots... Some of them are, like, little tiny things that can't hurt you and other ones are so poisonous you drop like a stone."

"I'm sitting there in shorts, no shoes and socks, on the edge of the bed looking at the computer and my focus goes to the floor because there's some movement. And there is a scorpion... with the coloration of the one the guy said would kill you! I immediately leap onto the bed... and I'm hyperventilating, and the thing is coming towards me."

The scorpion shuffled off under furniture and DeVito decided to test his "zen" skills - by trying to reason with his uninvited guest. He adds, "I get down (from the bed), I say, 'Look, to hell with this...' and I start talking to the teak wood. I say, 'Look pal... I know you don't wanna bite me, you don't wanna kill me, and I don't wanna kill you - and I mean it from the bottom of my heart... You just walk out that door.' He starts walking very tentatively towards the door... He goes out the door." (KL/WNVLET/IG)

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