Tom Cruise's firing from Paramount never made a lot of sense for me. Paramount cited his personal conduct as their reason for killing his production deal, but if you think about it, compared to his behavior a year or so ago Cruise has been fairly calm in public. His row with Brooke Shields is behind him and he hasn't jumped on any couches recently. As an excuse for kicking him to the curb, especially when he's still making the company tons of money, it just didn't fit.

Well it seems that Tom's public behavior may not have been the reason for his firing. When Paramount cited his personal conduct as their problem, some are now saying they weren't necessarily talking about what he did in public.

Internet E-Magazine Radar says Paramount and Viacom head Sumner Redstone may have let Tom go because he dispatched scientology goons to intimidate Redstone's Paramount chief Brad Grey while negotiating Tom's deal for Mission: Impossible: III.

I'm going to go right ahead and quote this directly from them, avoiding any possibility of lawsuit for us. Before I do, let me say I don't know if this is true, can't confirm if this is true, this is simply what Radar says happened: "Leaving the office one night, the diminutive Grey, walking to his car in the Paramount lot, suddenly found himself surrounded by more than a dozen Scientologists, who pressured him to ease up on the actor." They add, "Following a terse exchange, the visitors allowed Grey to get into his car and leave, but the message was clear. Though he was unnerved by the incident, sources say, Grey stood his ground."

Grey was apparently playing hardball with Tom on his MI3 deal, but even if that's true it's certainly no excuse. If this is what happened then Cruise's firing finally makes a whole lot of sense.

I've had a little experience myself in the past with cult-church officials, though not with Scientologists, and I can't say that kind of behavior would surprise me. Frankly, I'm shocked we haven't heard of something like this happening before… assuming of course that any of this is true. Is it hot in here? I think I'm sweating. Please don’t sue me Tom. You're not at all gay! See? I love you.

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