There’s something about dinosaurs that catches the attention of kids when they are young and sometimes keeps up interest all the way through college. At least that’s how I justified taking G103, otherwise known as ‘Dinosaurs and Their Relatives,” during my sophomore year. Even though dinosaurs have been studied for a long time, new species are still be found and named. The latest dinosaur to make an appearance? Spinops sternbergorum.

Even though I’m certain there’s a five year-old that can pronounce that name better than I can, I still welcome the newest member of the dinosaur community. Spinops sternbergorum was a plant eater that lived in the Cretaceous Era and weighed a couple of tons. The coolest feature about the new dinosaur is its sweet looking neck frill that doubled as a fashion feature and armor with backward projecting spikes.

Paleontologists could have had their hands on the new species way before though. According to CBS News, pieces from multiple Spinops skulls were initially discovered way back in 1916 and were then sent to a London Museum where they proceeded to linger for nearly a century. Luckily, someone finally took a look at them. Now, we have a brand new dinosaur to add to all the science books.

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