It’s been a rough few years for Mel Gibson. Once considered one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors and devoted fathers, Gibson has lost his family, his wife, his good name and his ability to make a living thanks in part to anti-Semitic allegations, extramarital affairs, run-ins with the law and domestic violence accusations. Ordinarily, an actor of his credentials could have weathered the above over a thirty year career, but since they all pretty much came one after the other, there was little Gibson could do but take his lumps like a slowly withering man.

Slowly but surely, those lumps have started to decrease in frequency. Within a few years, it wouldn’t be altogether surprising to see Gibson star in another money-making film, but first, his domestic affairs need to be set in order. That process started this summer when he and Oksana Grigorieva worked out a custody agreement for their daughter Lucia, and now it’s continued with a divorce agreement with his ex-wife Robyn. She and Mel were married for twenty-eight years, producing nearly a baseball team of children and a fortune estimated at eight hundred and fifty million dollars. According to People, the couple never signed a prenup; so, she’s going to be receiving half. The actor has already agreed to the even split, and a judge officially signed off on it today.

A few years ago, Gibson was recorded as saying he felt he needed to leave his wife because there wasn’t a spiritual connection. Now, thanks to his decision, he’s four hundred and some million dollars poorer, as well as a bit of a walking joke. If he could wind the clock back, do you think he’d do things differently?

Do you think Mel Gibson regrets leaving his wife for Oksana? Let us know by voting in the poll below….

Do You Think Mel Regrets The Divorce?

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