Before this season of Dancing With The Stars began, numerous organizations, parents groups and fundamentalist Christians expressed their outrage at the show’s inclusion of Chaz Bono. Many argued his presence would somehow disturb their children, but as the season went on, the cries turned into barely audible whispers. This week, when the high profile son of Cher finally went home, there actually seemed to be more complaining about Chaz’s sub par dancing skills than about the man himself.

Two months ago, I was aware of Chaz Bono’s existence and life decisions, but I’d never really heard him speak, apart from the occasional interview on GLBT issues. I must say, after watching Dancing With The Stars, I like him better. Throughout the program, he behaved with class and decency and took his ultimate exit from the show with poise and grace. His closing words, telling viewers he danced to show America a different kind of man, were honest and admirable.

Next month, OWN is set to broadcast a one hour special on Chaz’s life with girlfriend Jennifer Elia, and I’m actually planning to watch. He’s far from my favorite celebrity on the planet, but he’s certainly in the top half.

What do you think? Do you like Chaz Bono more after watching Dancing With The Stars? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Do You Like Chaz Bono More After Watching DWTS?

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