In 1933, Bob Hope walked into a Manhattan nightclub and saw his future. The night's entertainment was a beautiful, twenty-four year old singer named Dolores, and he stayed to introduce himself after the performance. Within a year, they were married and together they forged an almost seventy year partnership of service and parenting. Much is made about today's Hollywood power couples but all of those unions exist in the wake of Bob and Dolores Hope. She may have given up her career to follow her husband to Los Angeles, but without her sharp wit and loving support, her husband would never have soared as high as he did.

She was born Dolores DeFina in the Bronx and raised by a single mother after her father's passing. By her early twenties, she was headlining clubs in New York City and seemed poised to make a career in show business. That's when Bob Hope walked into her life and altered her trajectory. For someone women, being the wife of Hollywood royalty and the mother of four wonderful children may have been satisfying enough, but Dolores' need to entertain never vanished. She accompanied her husband on scores of USO trips, singing for the troops and bantering on stage with her adoring partner.

In her later years, Dolores recorded a series of well-received albums and had the honor of being the only woman allowed to perform in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. No Bob Hope special for the armed services was complete without a song from his wife, and he wouldn't have had it any other way. In many ways, those specials embodied why the pair got along so well. Neither would have chosen to spent his or her time any other way, except maybe on the golf course. Bob was famously a four handicap and routinely played with former Presidents, but according to MSNBC, she was no slouch herself.

Dolores Hope died quietly this morning at the age of 102, more than eight years after her husband's exit. Later this week, her family plans to hold a private ceremony, after which, she will be laid to rest next to Bob in his memorial garden outside Los Angeles. She will be missed for her lovely voice, her compassion and her clever wit.

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