Let me start by saying that Internet journalists that make Twitter jokes, suck. If I have to read another “he told us -- in more than 140 characters” pun, someone will pay. And it will probably be Mark Zuckerberg, who is single-handedly trying to destroy Twitter. Anyway, it’s safe to say that I am a slightly more than avid Twitter user. I have nearly 12,000 tweets, most of which have to do with sports and movies. I’ve never saved anyone’s life on Twitter, gotten anyone laid via Twitter, and I certainly haven’t gotten a girl a new kidney via Twitter.

Therefore, Donnie Wahlberg, of New Kids On The Block fame, has me seriously one upped. Brother to Marky-Mark Wahlberg, Donnie re-tweeted a link posted by a friend of Bobbette Miller, saying that Miller needed a new kidney. Within hours, six potential matches were discovered, with one being the “right fit” (is that what they say?) for Bobbette. She will have the transplant in June.

So the next time some idiot says that Twitter is only for telling the world what you have for dinner, bring up the story of what one B-Lister (at best) and his followers were able to do for one girl’s life.

You can follow Donnie Wahlberg on Twitter, right here.

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