Sober movie star Robert Downey Jr. has a new pill addiction - but this time it's all vitamins and minerals.

The once-troubled actor has famously turned his back on his druggie past, but admits he can't go anywhere without his case of health supplements.

And, as he prepares for a month-long world tour to promote new blockbuster Iron Man, Downey Jr. is taking care to pack all his vitamins.

He explains, "Anyone who doesn't need their yin tonified is beyond me." The actor is making sure he takes his "pituitary formula" and other supplements to help him combat jet lag, as well as his stock of essential vitamins and minerals.

And he used weightlifting supplements to help him bulk up for his role in Iron Man: "I started taking this creatine from Sweden. It's a legal thing...This stuff is non-bloating creatine. When I was taking it, I looked really jacked and then four hours after taking it, I looked like a shrunken monkey again. But I also worked my ass off doing it!" (KL/LAT&WN/LR)

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